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The organizer of Budapest Cleaning Show is Hungarian Cleaning-technology Association (MATISZ), what is a professional association in classical terms. It provides professional rights protection, coordination, professional representation for companies working in cleaning sector.

The association’s most relevant field of activities are:

  • Developing and carrying out professional policies. Constantly informing the profession and partners of cleaning-technology about the concerning changes and  novelties with  newsletters and webpage – www.matisz.org.
  • Providing forum for exchange of opinions.
  • Building a connection with other professional, civil and industrial individuals, organisations and establishments.
  • To improve the level of profession and professional education.
  • To establish and support the cleaning-technology expert team, which helps facility owners, facility managers and property owners with a professional, high quality level service.

MATISZ regularly organises roundtable discussions and conferences, as well as bi-annual trade shows. The first exhibition (TisztaShow, or CleanShow) was held in 2016, then the second edition was in 2018 with the new name: Budapest Cleaning Show, where 51 exhibitors were present on 3500 sqm. The exhibition was attended by 1500 professional visitors.

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